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"Your mix. Your schedule. Anywhere. Any time. Mobile Mix Hot Asphalt On Demand."

Mobile Asphalt Production, On Demand!

RoadMixer ® allows for rapid repairs and fresh, hot mix asphalt to be produced on site in the quantities needed to complete repairs at a moments notice.

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RoadMixer ® puts the contractor in control of the job.

Double Productivity with Half the Labor

RoadMixer eliminates costly non-productive labor hours while crews wait for asphalt deliveries. Increase your profit and margins by completing more installations per day using fewer laborers.

One Man Placements Reduce Labor Costs

RoadMixer simple operation allows a single operator to focus on installation of material while the mix computer manages asphalt production. Complete a typical multi-ton, 2-mix repair in minutes, keeping you on schedule and generating income.

Increase Profits by Eliminating Waste

Rapid production of hot mix asphalt on your schedule reduces hauling, labor, and residual material costs, increasing revenue.

24/7/365, All Season Repairs

Any season, any time. Asphalt production on demand allows you to provide services when other contractors cannot compete. Emergency repairs, out-of-season repairs, and night repairs are all revenue streams that are currently out of your reach. RoadMixer delivers.

RoadMixer's production rate of 6–9 tons per hour is designed to be highly productive, yet manageable for a single operator.

"The RoadMixer ® is the future."

John Schivito, A–Jon Construction, Philadelphia, PA