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"Your mix. Your schedule. Anywhere. Any time. Mobile Mix Hot Asphalt On Demand."

How much of your available paving day is spent actually installing material? How much of the day is waiting for asphalt deliveries, or doing other things that do not add value to the customers' job or
your bottom line?

Mobile Mix Hot Asphalt: On Demand.

Unproductive labor hours spent waiting for hot mix asphalt deliveries of binder and surface mix are common in the paving industry. RoadMixer eliminates these non-productive hours by producing hot mix asphalt on demand. Reductions in hauling time, labor hours, and residual material costs allow the contractor to increase profits while saving their customers money. Converting these non-productive hours provides the RoadMixer contractor the ability to generate more revenue utilizing labor hours previously tied up due to processes out of the contractor's control.

Material discharge at 5 tons per hour

RoadMixer ®: Delivering value to the road maintenance industry, putting contractors ahead of the curve in a competitive marketplace.

Material discharge at 5 tons per hour

Your Time Table, Your Schedule, Your Mixture

RoadMixer Operators control the job from start to finish allowing for repairs when no other contractors can provide service.

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RoadMixer RM10U1-1 RM10U1-2 Raw-Materials Quarry-AJON RoadMixer_4
RoadMixer RM10U1-1 RM10U1-2 Raw-Materials Quarry-AJON RoadMixer_4
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One laborer installations

One Laborer to Install

Individual RoadMixer operators perform the work of many, in significantly less time.

What can the RoadMixer ® contractor deliver for its customers?

  • Scheduling Management: Keeps you on schedule generating income
  • Reduced Costs: Reduce labor costs while increasing your profits
  • Flexibility: Allows evening, weekend, and out-of season repairs
  • High Quality Repairs: Permanent installations any time, any season

Proven Reliability

The "RoadMixer" concept was designed by the original inventor of the Mobile Mix concrete trucks with thousands of units in service. Raw aggregates are metered by drag chains from each of the bins based on designs operating reliably in the mobile concrete industry for over 40 years. After metering, the material travels into a long life, abrasive resistant heating and mixing auger where it is mixed, dried, and combined with asphalt cement.

Dependable Technology

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A Danfoss PLUS+1 mobile computer, utilized on mobile equipment worldwide, precisely controls the entire RoadMixer process. There are no levers to pull or pressure gauges to monitor. These robust mobile electronics allow the operator to perform installations with ease of mind and wihtout being the "wizard behind the curtain". Fast, powerful and extremely flexible, Danfoss PLUS+1 mobile electronics power and control everything from the crusher and screens in the quarry, to the loaders used to fill the RoadMixer material bins.

Simple One Man Operation

RoadMixer ® is 'push to start.' It's that easy.

An operator selects the mix type, then pushes start.
It is that simple.
The mix computer accurately controls the motor actuations and speeds, mix recipe, temperature, and production, leaving the operator free to focus on installing a high quality repair. Fresh, hot mix asphalt is produced at the perfect temperature ensuring workability and compaction.

AC Containment Tank/Melt System

The Asphalt Cement Tank contains 114 gallons (431 liters) and can be refilled with either liquid asphalt cement from a bulk tank or from solid ACPACs (solidified block asphalt cement, AC Portable Asphalt Cement) loaded into the melt system. Additional ACPACs can be carried on board in the ACPAC storage compartment. The mix computer regulates the melting sequence and keeps the tank at optimum temperatures. Panel mounted AC level indicator lights, as well as a large "refill" indicator light alerts the operator when additional ACPACs are required.

Accessory Loading/Storage

Ample storage is provided and optional accessory loading systems are available for tools like compactors, infrared heaters, rakes, shovels, and other necessary tools making this a one-man operation.

Auxiliary Hydraulic Power

RoadMixer comes equipped with a 6 GPM hydraulic quick connect circuit at the rear of the unit to power a hydraulic breaker hammer, saw, or other tools necessary to prep the repair.